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We’ve all been there – you accidentally drop your cell phone in liquid, like a sink of soapy water or a pint of beer, or even the toilet. Are those screams coming from you?!   First, take a deep breath,fresno phone repair ubreakifix fresno then pick up the dripping phone and turn it off. Then gently pat it dry with a towel and lay it on a flat, solid surface, on the towel, to dry out completely. Wait until all the moisture has gone turn on or charge the phone. If your handset allows you to remove the SIM and memory cards, do so to protect them from damage.

It might take your phone a couple of days or so to dry out completely.  Find your phone’s IP rating on a website. If your device has an IP67 or IP68 rating, you’re looking good. Even if the rating is lower, don’t be too concerned yet. Many of today’s cell phones will recover well from taking a swim, once they’ve dried out.

The drying should happen as slowly and naturally as possible.  Do not try to heat up your phone to hurry this process along. Also, no microwaves or traditional ovens, and don’t blast it with a hair dryer or vacuum cleaner – they can harm the delicate components inside a phone. For the best in Fresno phone repair Ubreakifix Fresno are professional and fast.

You may have read or heard about sticking a wet phone in a bag of rice.  Some people have had success with this method, but chances are it was a fluke. We have found the rice trick to not really work well.  In some cases, putting a silica pack in a sealed bag with a phone has helped speed along the drying process. To be clear, this method isn’t guaranteed to work, either.

Once you’ve given your phone two days to dry and it still won’t work, then it’s time to get to a professional repair shop. The staff there will be able to professionally and completely dismantle and reassemble your phone, drying the components individually and replacing the ones that were damaged.  When looking for the pros in Fresno phone repair UbreakIfix Fresno is a one stop shop. They repair computers, tablets and video games, too.

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