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Attorneys are tasked with being advocates for their clients.  This usally means that they will coach their criminal defendant clients to put the best defense theory forward. Your attorney mayFederal Criminal Defense Attorney Gurovich Berk & Associates introduce mock-interviews so as to have their defendants to commit a defense theory to memory. They may also bring defendants to the crime scene in order to stimulate memories. Another effective tactic is to get defendants to write down the version of events as seen from their individual point of view.

Defense attorneys will explain the theory of the case that the prosecution is using.  This is to get defendants to include important pieces of fact in their testament. If a key part of the defense’s case is that their client was in a specific location at a specific time, the defendant needs to tell a version of events that coincides with that information. For the finest federal criminal defense attorney Gurovich Berk & Associates is the place to see.

Defense attorneys will convey to the client the numerous pieces of information about the prosecution’s case so that the defendant understands the evidence they need to produce. For example, a client may have been charged with conspiracy to commit armed robbery. His or her attorney may tell him or her that he or she is charged with conspiracy to commit armed robbery. What this  means to the client is that they are being charged with planning with at least one other person to commit armed robbery. The defense attorney may tell the client that after speaking with the assistant district attorney about the case that they plan on showing that the client bought a firearm after talking with the alleged accomplices. They also claim that the client’s talk with those alleged accomplices was to plan the armed robbery and that your purchase of the gun was to further the process of committing the crime. The defense attorney may ask if there is any information that the client has regarding the conversation with the alleged accomplices or purchase of the gun.

Because the client has this information, he will be in a better position to give the defense attorney the story explaining why he bought the gun. It is possible the client bought the gun to defend himself from the two alleged accomplices who threatened hurt him or his family if he refused to help in the armed robbery. In that case, the purchase of the gun would not be seen as furtherance of the crime.

If you find yourself in need of a federal criminal defense attorney Gurovich Berk & Associates are the professionals you want on your side.


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