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Traveling can be a lot of fun for the whole family.  That includes taking your pet along, too.  Before taking off, there are few things to make sure your trip is fun and safe for your pet.  Before hotels chicago best rates bookithero.comtraveling by car with your pet, be sure your pet is healthy. A veterinarian visit is wise. Renew any shots that may be due. A flea and tick treatment might be a good idea, too.

Take good look at your pet’s supplies and pack them where easily available.  Those may include a leash and collar, a name tag with contact information, and a picture of your pet, in case you are separated.  Also, a portable water dish, a few toys, and all necessary medication.  Don’t forget food and some delicious treats.  Take a few plastic bags for picking up after your pet.  It is a good idea to groom your pet including bathing, combing and nail trim before the trip. Feed your pet a few hours before you leaving and take them for a walk before beginning your trip.

If possible, make a place where your pet can ride safely but still see out the window. Locate your pet where you can touch them to reassure them that you are with them and that they’re safe. It is not a good idea to have your pet sit in your lap. Take a favorite blanket so they feel at home.  Don’t forget the pet harness so they won’t fly through the windshield if there is a sudden stop. Obtain and pack their pet carrier or crate.  Some hotels will not allow pets in rooms unattended unless they are crated. Check before booking. For Orlando hotels best rates has amazing deals with first rate accommodations.

Try to stop every couple of hours to let your pet stretch their legs, drink and/or eat, and relieve themselves. Keeping your pet on a leash while in public will keep them safe.  Try to respect the rights of other travelers. They might not care for pets as much as you do.  Please do not leave your pet unattended in a car. Today’s vehicles are nearly air tight.  A pet left alone in a car is at risk of not getting enough air, or suffering from heat exposure. Even though the air temperature may only be seventy five degrees outside, a car in the sun can get hot very quickly.

Most hotels ask that you do not leave your pet alone in the room for obvious reasons. You may have to order take out or room service. Ask at the desk if there are any restaurants with outside dining nearby and check with them to see if pets are welcome on the patio.

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