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Plantation shutters are a striking window treatment, and can be somewhat expensive at first glance. Although the expense may make some people consider other alternatives, there are many convincing reasons to choose plantation shutters over drapes or blinds. Shutters have a fresh, clean appearance. Home buyers consider shutters a plus when viewing potential homes, making your investment wise in the long run.

As with many people, attractiveness may have you ready to buy on sight.  However, you may need a few more reasons to help you make your choice. Here are five compelling reasons to consider.

Aesthetics are important.  Interior shutters are attractive. There are a plethora of sizes, finishes and mounting options. As window treatment choice, wood plantation shutters are a safe choice. Well- known brands like Hunter Douglas have many to choose from.. Wood shutters work with almost any décor and offer a clean, cohesive look throughout the home. You can paint them or select for a natural stain. Plantation shutters will be seen from both the interior of your home, as well as the exterior.  To find Hunter Douglas Sacramento Home Fashion Designs is a popular destination.

For privacy, Interior shutters can be adjusted to let the light in, yet keep curious eyes out. Plantation shutters allow for angles which will give you both privacy and light.  When you want to let the fresh air inside yet maintain your privacy, you adjust the plantation shutters for maximum privacy and control the light coming in, as well as open the windows, let the air flow in, and then adjust the shutters for maximum ventilation, all without reducing your privacy. Shutters can be a perfect choice. They make no noise, whereas blinds, shades, and other window treatments may clank, bang, and flutter in the wind. Also, shutters are easy to adjust by using the crossbar.

Custom interior shutters are durable and built to last. Also, most shutters come with a warranty. Your initial investment will pay off over time because you won’t need to replace your shutters every few years. By calculating the cost of plantation shutters on a yearly average, they may be less expensive over the years than having to replace window coverings such as drapes or mini-blinds more often. And plantation shutters never go out of style.

Quality interior shutters are essentially maintenance-free. By simply using a damp cloth on occasion to remove the dirt, dust, and grime, you keep your shutters looking new.  Also, you won’t need to remove them in order to clean them, as you might with other types of window coverings. The shutters have a larger surface area than mini-blinds making them much easier to clean.

To find shutters from Hunter Douglas Sacramento Home Fashion Designs is a recommended source.  Designer Sherry Lenci can have your home looking elegant and fresh with custom window treatments.

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