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When most of us think about going to the beach, we tend to thhkno fht eeast and west coasts of the USA.  However, there are some amazing beaches  right in the middle of the country. We Lake Michigan Homes for Sale Kalcer Realtyintroduce you to Lake Michigan and its sparkling beaches.

Lake Michigan has clean and beautiful beaches.  Unlike some other popular beaches around the world, here the beaches really do stay clean, especially in the Muskegon and St. Joseph areas.  They also have tons of great family park areas that are maintained well year round.

Lake Michigan is so vast it feels like the ocean but without the salt water that irritates some of us.  Heading to Lake Michigan there are also the sand, waves, and seagulls.   It is odd to step out onto the beach and feel like you’ve gone home to California, but not smell that salt in the air!  However, it can be a great encourager for those who want the ocean feeling without the salt or threat of sharks.

Most Lake Michigan beaches have a great family friendly beach environment.   At some beaches there is a no alcohol and no-glass bottles rule on the beach.  Some locatons have kids’ playgrounds and parks nearby.  If you want to consider Lake Michigan homes for sale Kalcer Realty is the first place to call.

Many people love fishing, and Lake Michigan is perfect for fresh water fishing.  You can find a shoreline and toss a pole, or you can charter a boat to go out on the water to deeper depths.  Michiganders love a good fish fry, and you’ll fit in well if you spend some time on the lake.

When thinking about surfing, it is usually relegated to oceans in most people’s minds.   It is not. Lake Michigan has wonderful surf and locations for fun day out surfing.  Chances are you will see surfers carrying their boards to the beach.  The water is great for surfing and has been known as one of the best places to surf by the pros.

Lighthouses are common on beaches and Lake Michigan has some of the most beautiful you will ever see.  Touring the lighthouses is fun, makes for great photo opportunities, and can be educational.

The Lake Michigan beach area is a great place to visit and an even better place to live.  If you would like information about Lake Michigan homes for sale Kalcer Realty is there for you.


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