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Making a decision to repair or replace a roof can be diffcult. Do you patch things up or just get a new one installed? There are a few things to think about before making that decison.  It might beRoofing Company Longmont WestPro easier just to have a new roof installed, but why spend thousands for a new roof when repairs may be all that is necessary to the current roof.  A roof that is less than twenty years old may just need some TLC.   Unless it is in really bad condition, repairs will take less time and significantly less than a new roofIf you are not sure which way to go, contact a licensed professional to get their opinion.

Although repairing and reroofing both have their pros and cons, repairs will take less time and cost less. However, the lifespan of the materials used will be shorter than if they are used in a new installation, by around twenty five percent. By having a new roof installed, you will receive the protection of a warranty for materials, labor, usually both. With a new roof, there won’t be the need for another for a long period of time.

But, don’t procrastinate. If minor repairs can be carried out before a major rebuild is necessary, do it before water is runing into your home through cracks that you could have taken care of some time ago.  if you wait too long, you might not have any choice but to replace the whole roof.  For a top notch roofing company Longmont WestPro is the one to call.

There are different types of roofing materials and they have different life expectancies. Knowing what yours is made of can give you a better idea of whether it is time to replace it. For example, with cedar shingles, or shakes, wetness encourages moss growth while dryness leads to cracking and crumbling, so condition will be affected by climate conditions.  They can last about twenty years or so.  Wood roofs can last close to thirty years depending on the local climate.

Asphalt roofs are good for twenty to fifty years.  Most asphalt shingles last around twenty years, but the best asphalt types may be rated for up to fifty years.  A metal roof is good for approximately forty to eighty years.  Tile roofs, usually concrete, slate of clay, can last up to one hundred years. That doesn’t mean the desk and sheathing under the tile will last that long, though.

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