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Windows in your home add beauty and functionality – natural light can enter and provide great views of the outside environment, especially in Colorado.  They also allow fresh air into a homewindow replacement longmont WestPro when opened. When windows begin to fail at their basic functions, it may be time to explore replacing them.

There are some terms those are important to understand before deciding to purchase new windows.  First, an easy one. The glass used in a window in called glazing.  The number of layers of glazing, single, double, or triple, doesn’t always equate to better efficiency.   The presence or absence of the other items can affect a window’s energy performance. Glazing coatings can significantly affect a window’s U-factor, which is the degree of insulation protection against the outside elements.  Another term is low emissivity, also called Low-E, which is the window’s ability to reflect versus absorbing heat when coated with a thin metallic substance. These coatings can add up to ten percent to the price of a window.

If your windows are in decent shape but better insulation is desired, you can buy and apply Low-E films to your windows. They’re fairly effective, although not as much as those put between glazing layers during manufacturing. Before purchasing, look for the NFRC rating on these films. For professional window replacement Longmont WestPro should be your the first call.

Gas filled windows involves argon or krypton gas sandwiched between glazing layers to improve insulation and reduce heat transfer. They may work effectively at high altitudes because differences in air pressure cause them to leak out.  Window spacers are used to separate sheets of glass in a window to improve insulating quality. The material and design are imperative to prevent condensation and heat loss.

Materials used for window frames can affect not only the appearance, but the effectiveness, tool. Some materials used for window frames are vinyl, wood, aluminum, fiberglass, or some combination of them. Each has their own different strengths. For example, vinyl windows are good insulators, are easy to maintain, but will contract and expand with temperature changes.  This will affect the window’s air leakage.  Wood offers a great classic look, but is also affected by moisture changes and also needs regular maintenance.   Fiberglasswindows are very stable and low-maintenance, but can also be expensive. Aluminum frames are lightweight, stable, and a good sound proofer. However, aluminum is a rapid conductor of heat, making it a potential drain on energy efficiency.

To find the best window replacement Longmont WestPro is a great choice.


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