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In most states, a workers’ compensation insurance plan is mandatory for employers.  Smaller employers with one, two, or three employees can decline coverage, although many employers Work Injury Lawyer Los Angeles LA Workers Comp Attorneyspurchase worker’s compensation coverage in order to take advantage of significant protections not available elsewhere.

Exclusive remedy is one of those protections workers’ compensation statutes give for injured employees which means that in most circumstances an employer cannot be sued for causing the injury of the employed.

The no-fault provision of the workers’ compensation statutes provides protection for employees when they are injured on the job, regardless of how the injury occurred. If the employee is injured within the course of their work, coverage is provided.  That is true even if the employee was partially responsible for their own injury.

A business owner can choose to also be included for workers’ compensation benefits, too,  which means that they can gain access to statutory benefits including payment of medical expenses, payment of lost income and payment of disability benefits.  This is very important if you or your employee becomes injured and cannot return to work. If you are a business owner or an injured employee and need help with work Injury Lawyer Los Angeles LA Workers Comp Attorneys are among the best in the field.

In almost every instance, participating in a worker’s compensation plan is the best choice for a business.  Where mandatory coverage is needed or if a business is too large for you to opt out there can be very strong penalties for not purchasing workers’ compensation insurance.  There can be many consequences.  Some states may fine a business thousands of dollars for every day that workers’ compensation coverage is not maintained, forcing some out of business out of business.  Some states may prevent businesses from operating or they may obtain a court order to shut down a business until evidence of coverage is provided. A business owner can be held personally liable for paying for their employees medical expenses and lost wages.

If a business does not maintain coverage and a employee is injured, the employee may obtain the right to sue you in court for damages.  Even in those small businesses with just two or three employees, opting out could lead one of your workers to file a suit against the business or against the business owner. If a law suit is filed, the employer could be held liable for the settlement, even if the practice goes out of business.

When you find yourself or your business in need of a work injury Lawyer Los Angeles LA Workers Comp Attorneys should be your first call.




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