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Ultrasonic Cavitation is a safe and alternative treatment to liposuction.  Many people successfully undergo liposuction to remove undesirable fat every year.  However, it is still an invasive Coolsculpting San Diego The Sculpting Loungeprocedure that requires inserting an instrument under your skin to vacuum out the fat.  For the most part liposuction is a safe procedure, but there are risks that could occur such as an allergic reaction, skin damage, the puncture of a vital organ, fluid imbalance or retention. In very rare cases, an embolism or blocked artery could result. Ultrasonic Cavitation was developed as an alternative to surgical liposuction.

With this procedure, there is no poking, prodding, or injecting, as with liposuction. A medical professional uses an ultrasonic device to perform the procedure. A small quantity of gel is applied to the area where the fat needs to be reduced or removed. The ultrasound device is then applied to the skin during a twenty to thirty minute session.  It’s painless, doesn’t require anesthesia and has few identified negative side effects.  Most people see significant fat loss within the first week. For best results, a treatment schedule of ten to twenty weekly sessions may be necessary to achieve the desired weight loss and body changes goals.  To learn more about this and coolsculpting San Diego The Sculpting Lounge is at the top of their field.

Usually, the ideal candidate for Ultrasonic Cavitation is someone who is at least moderately active and eats a healthy diet. It is not intended to treat morbid obesity; it works most effectively to remove unwanted fat from specific areas of the body.

The most common areas of the body where Ultrasonic Cavitation is applied include the abdomen, face, neck, back, cheeks, thighs, chin, hips, upper arms and buttocks. It is also used to reduce excess breast tissue in overweight men, called gynecomastia.

The known side effects of Ultrasonic Cavitation are few, especially when compared to surgical liposuction. For most, it is painless and requires no recovery time. Temporary skin sensitivity, mild bruising, fluid build-up, or blisters may be experienced.

If you are interested in Ultrasonic Cavitation or coolsculpting San Diego The Sculpting Lounge is the expert you can trust.



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Coolsculpting Beverly Hills I Glow Med Spa

Coolsculpting is a non-surgical and non-invasive procedure. It reduces the fat content of the area treated through controlled cooling of the tissues. Usually, it is used to eliminate areas that havecoolscuuplting beverly hills i glow med spa some fat accumulation that just won’t go away no matter how much you diet orand exercise. These fat accumulating areas are the arms, waistline, thighs and the abdomen, and under the chin.  I

Coolsculpting has become very popular as a non-invasive treatment to remove excess fat. Coolsculpting works by controlled cooling of the skin to temperatures. The scientific name is cryolipolysis.  That cooling forms ice crystals in the fat cells, which damages the fat cells in the treated area. Your body will then metabolize the fat, healing and repairing the treated area. When you are ready to try coolsculpting Beverly Hills I Glow Med Spa is a leader in the field.

Typically, a twenty to thirty percent gradual loss of fat in the treated areas can be expected.   Within a couple of months, you should experience your best results.  We do not produce new fat cells, so the number of fat cells that die is permanent.  You should be aware that is still possible to gain weight. Surrounding fat cells can still enlarge with weight gain, so the best long term results are best achieved with a consistent diet and exercise plan in addition to coolsculpting.

Coolsculpting can yield excellent results in the right patient, which is why it is such a popular option for someone looking for re-contouring without having the invasive procedure of liposuction. That patient is someone is in reasonably good shape and health with extra fat pockets without too much skin elasticity.  Coolsculpting is a very safe technique.  However, there may be side effects such as pain, bruising, numbness, redness or tingling in the treatment areas.  These side effects are only temporary.

To find out more about coolsculpting Beverly HIlls I Glow Med Spa is the first place to see.

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