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What is a keyword phrase?

  • A keyword phrase is a combination of words that the describes specific search requirements of a user. For example, personal injury attorney Los Angeles is one keyword phrase, not 4 or 5 keywords.  We market keyword phrases, not keywords.

How many keyword phrases do I need for my business?

  • That depends on a number of factors. Is dominating your market and competitors important to you? How much do you want to grow your business?  Can your business handle a significant amount of increase in customers?  Can Total Front Page show you a strong ROI?  How many facets of your business do you want to promote?

To how many other businesses do you sell the same keyword phrases?

  • We only sell a keyword phrase to one business at a time. Any keyword phrases that you select for your business are yours exclusively for as long as you remain a client with Total Front Page. If you elect to opt out after the initial contract period, we will offer those keyword phrases to another business.


All local programs are priced the same per keyword phrase

  • Google and Bing – Approximately 88% of market share
  • Auto-Complete appearance
  • Appear in up to all 10 organic listings on the first page of Google and Bing
  • All SEO work included
  • Press releases, social media postings, directory listings, blogs and blog sites, videos, backlinks …
  • Support Team

Additional keyword phrases can be purchased at any time.  There is no maximum on the quantity of keyword phrases purchased.


Our Guarantee

Total Front Page guarantees that we will do what we state.  We will place a business in the auto-complete boxes of Google and Bing with the keyword phrases of their choosing. We also allow a business to appear in up to all ten organic listings on the first pages of Google and Bing,

Get started on your keyword phrase campaign today! Contact us at 866-927-1855 or email us at You may also contact any of our consultants to help you get started.