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How long does it take to see my company in the Google and Bing auto-complete?

In order to get you into the auto-complete, we need to establish authority for the keyword phrase.  The time that it takes can vary depending upon the competitiveness of the keyword phrase, but look for the keyword phrases to start showing up in Bing within 30-40 days, and Google 90+ days.

Will this increase my business?
Besides appearing in the autocomplete, does Front Page do anything else online for my business?
Does Front Page provide my business with strong leads?
Does Total Front Page track results?
Is Front Page the same as the SEO that I have now?
Do you do SEO work for us also?
Your results are amazing. Do you use any black or gray hat methods to attain those results?
Do I own exclusive use of the keyword phrase, or do you sell the same keyword to my competitors.
Are there any extra fees?
What is a local keyword phrase?
What is the price for a national keyword phrase?