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On most days, most of us rely on our vehicles take us transport us from here to there, there to here. Many times we take their dependability for granted. Even the most trustworthy of cars and trucks still rely on us to carryout important maintenance steps for better performance and longevity.  More than likely there will be lower maintenance and repair costs and a more safe drive by regularly following these vital tips.

Know and understand the suggested maintenance schedulesAll new vehicles come with an owner’s manual with recommendations for regular maintenance. It is recommended to follow these schedules closely.  The manual tells you how and/or when to change the oil. It will also tell you to make sure your fluids are the correct color and at the right level.  The manual explains which grade of fuel to use – regular unleaded or premium, diesel or ethanol? It does make a difference.

The auto manual will suggest how often your tires should be rotated. Try to check your tires on a regular basis to make sure they’re correctly inflated and that the tread is still at a safe level. This not only makes for smoother rides, but also better gas mileage and a lower risk of a blowout and resulting accident. When it’s time for auto repair Denton TX Advanced Auto Repair is the best in the business.

Try to actually listen to your vehicle. Squealing or grinding noises may mean that your brakes need to be checked  or replaced. If your steering wheel shaking more than usual on smooth roads, it could be an indication of possible trouble coming soon.  Address vehicle sights and sounds that are inconsistent from one day to the next.  If something on the car feels off, it probably is.  Don’t wait.

Treat your vehicle well. Accelerating from zero to sixty in three seconds is not good treatment. Slower starts from a stop will cause less strain on an engine. As you accelerate, shift gears easily. Brake easy, as well, to reduce wear and tear on the tires, the suspension and possible you.

For top notch auto repair Denton TX Advanced Auto Repair is the place to see.


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