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You’ve been arrested for a serious crime and the judge says you must post bail in order to be released until your next court appearance.  Bail is the money you’re required to post with the court in bail bonds sacramento acme bail bondsorder to be released from jail.  This is provides some assurance to the court that you will attend your future court appearances.

Sometimes the judge will release you on your own recognizance.  If the judge releases you on your own recognizance you don’t post bail.  You are promising that you will appear for your court appearances.  Under certain circumstances, and in connection with certain crimes, the judge may deny the right to post bail.  Most of the time, however, bail is required.

The mount of bail can vary by crime as well as by county in California.  All California counties have their own bail schedules that post the amount for bail for each type of crime. If you find yourself in need bail bonds Sacramento Acme Bail Bonds is there for you.  In the Los Angeles County felony bail schedule, bail could range from $20,000 for the least serious offenses to $5,000,000 for the most egregious offenses.

In the end, it is the judge who sets your bail.  California criminal law allows the judge with significant discretion, allowing them to depart from the bail schedule, depending on criminal history, the potential flight risk of the detainee, and the facts of the specific case. In any case, posting bail can seriously strain your finances.  It is important to request a California bail hearing or an “own recognizance” release to reduce some of the burden.

There are basically three ways to post bail.  Bail can be posted using cash.  A bail bond can be issued – this the most common method. The third way to post bond is through a property bond.  This means that you allow the court to place a lien on your property. If you fail to appear in court as required, the court is authorized to begin foreclosure proceedings against you property.  This type of bond is available, although it is rarely utilized.

The premier place for bail bonds Sacramento Acme Bail Bonds are the professional sto help you or your loved ones.



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