HIFU Arizona EVU Center

In the Unitted State, men diagnosed with prostate cancer now have another effective treatment to consider. High-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) has shown effectiveness as an non-invasiveHIFU Arizona EVU Center method of battling prostate cancer.

HIFU sends high-frequency ultrasound waves through the walls of the rectum.  This generates sufficient thermal energy to destroy diseased prostate tissue. HIFU is intended to keep the gland intact, preserving urinary and sexual functionality.

The FDA has approved this form of treatment, which has been called a lumpectomy for men, for the removal of tissue. HIFU uses soundwaves 10,000 times more tha is used for producing images through diagnostic ultrasound.

Since the procedure is performed by going through the rectum it is considered noninvasive since no incision is required, whereas other methods use laser energy, requiring passage of a probe through the perineum to the inside of the prostate in order to transport energy to the prostate.  For more information about HIFU Arizona EVU Center is the first place to call.

The ideal patient for HIFU is man with localized prostate cancer and low-intermediate risk, and who have low volume, unilateral tumors. Also, patients suited for HIFU have tumors that are posterior and lateral in location, prostate glands that are 25-30ml in height, no previous injury, scarring or disease to the rectum, and no calcifications in the prostate. These criteria present the patients that have the best use of HIFU, although others may benefit from HIFU, as well.

Although HIFU does have less side effects than some other treatments used to treat prostate cancer, there are still some of which to be aware. After HIFU treatment, some men have trouble getting or maintaining an erection, although that may fade over time. Some men also have trouble urinating, or may leak urine between trips to the bathroom.  Some men experience pain between their testicles and rectum, which is usually handled with medication. There’s also a risk for blood in the urine, a urinary infection, and an infection in the testicles.

If you or a loved one find you they have a need for HIFU Arizona EVU Center is tops in their field.

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Vasectomy Gilbert EVU Center

A vasectomy may be the answer for those couples who have the family they want and would like a more permanent solution to birth control. In simple terms, a vasectomy involves cutting or vasectomy gilbert evu centerblocking two tubes, called the vas deferens, so that sperm can no longer get into the semen.

A vasectomy is likely the most effective form of birth control. A very small amount of couples become pregnant the first year after a vasectomy, usually one or two out of a thousand. It is also a safer alternative than a tubal ligation for the woman.

A vasectomy is usually done in your doctor’s office or in an outpatient center. The procedure takes about thirty minutes. You will be awake during the procedure.  You will receive a local anesthetic to numb the scrotum. Once the area is numbn, your doctor will perform a very small puncture on one side of your scrotum and pull out part of the vas deferens on that side.  You may feel a sensation of some tugging and pulling.  A small section of the vas deferens will be removed, and sealed with small clamps. Then it’s time for the other side.  there will be no stitches – the small puncture will heal without them. If you are considering a vasectomy Gilbert EVU Center is the perfect spot for your procedure.

After the procedure, you experience some pain, swelling, and bruising in the area where the surgery was performed. They will slowly disappear within in a few weeks.. Youwill receive for care after surgery. That may include wearing tight-fitting, supportive underwear, use of an ice pack to help reduce pain and swelling, limited activity until healed, and rest.

If you have a job that requires little physical activity you should be able to return to work after a few days. If you do physical labor, or walk or drive a lot, discuss a plan and time frame with your doctor.

Do not consider a vasectomy unless you are completely sure you don’t want to have children in the future.  Some vasectomies can be undone but the surgery is hard, expensive, and must be performed in a hospital.

When you are ready for that vasectomy Gilbert EVU Center makes it easy and effortless for you.

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