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You customers will see you first before they ever have a chance to see your competition.  Get to your customers first with Front Page.

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WHAT IS curv4

Front Page allows you to be in the auto-complete for Google, Yahoo and Bing.  Your customers see you first and the bypass your competition.  If you are looking for a way to quickly surpass your competition, then find the best keyword phrases in your industry and own the front page.

We can get you results.

Thinking outside the box.

Companies spend huge amounts of money on SEO and Pay-Per-Click campaigns.  We put you in the auto-complete for Google, Yahoo and Bing, so your customers see you before anyone else.

Keys to Success

You will be the only company showing up in front of your customers in the auto-complete.  And when they choose your company in the auto-complete, they bypass your competition and you own the entire first page.

Cost Effective

You can save money on expensive pay-per-click campaigns and SEO.  You will own the entire first page of search results.


Competitive Edge

Every time a person types in the keyword phrase you choose, they will see, before they see any of your competition.



You will be the only company listed for the keyword phrase that you choose.  We never sell a keyword phrase twice.


Act fast because if a keyword phrase is taken by your competition, it’s gone.

We never sell a keyword twice.  So if you want “plumber in Denver”, or “Chicago dentist”, act quick before your competition gets this advantage over you.

  • Pick the best keyword phrases that your customers type to fine you.
  • Every time some types in the keyword phrase on Google, Yahoo & Bing, they will see you.
  • Save money on your pay-per-click campaign by having customers find you directly.
  • Boost your online authority by having customers search for you by name
  • Fast process.  You can be getting new customers in 30 days with our Front Page program.




Your visitors will be able to see a quick item preview when hovered. Portfolio Showcase also supports category filtering. This way, your visitors will be seeing the latest products in the specific category you have chosen.


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  • With our Rock Page Builder you can improve your site building time 3 times faster
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One the first page of search results

We work to make all the links on the first page go to you.  This can take longer if you don’t have a website or social media accounts.

Unique Technology

Our technology gives you the competitive edge, and nobody else is providing this technology we do.

Simple Process

We make the process easy.  You choose the keywords prases that bring you customers, and we get you in the auto-suggest.

Works worldwide

You may only be interested in customers in your city, but anyone who types in your keyword phrase will see you, no matter where they are.

Mobile Device Ready

Our technology works on all mobile devices, so your customers can find on any their computer, tablet or phone.

Cost Effective

Dominate your competition for as little as $245 per month.  We make it affordable to get a competitive edge of all your competition.

Choose Your Package

  • Advance
    1 Keyword Phrase

    1 Keyword Phrase Great Starter Program
    Great Starter Program .
    Keyword selection Assistance with Google Keyword Tool.
    SEO Included including press-releases, site optimization, social media postings.
    Support Team

  • Dominate
    3 Keyword Phrases

    3 Keyword Phrases Great Starter Program
    SAVE 10% .
    Keyword selection Assistance with Google Keyword Tool.
    SEO Included including press-releases, site optimization, social media postings.
    Support Team

  • Corporate
    5 Keyword Phrases

    5 Keyword Phrases Great Starter Program
    SAVE 20% .
    Keyword selection Assistance with Google Keyword Tool.
    SEO Included including press-releases, site optimization, social media postings.
    Support Team

  • Ultimate
    7 Keyword Phrases

    7 Keyword Phrases Great Starter Program
    SAVE 30% .
    Keyword selection Assistance with Google Keyword Tool.
    SEO Included including press-releases, site optimization, social media postings.
    Support Team

Front Page Advantage

Exclusive Support

We will keep you updated with reports on the progress of your campaign.  Each time a keyword shows up in Google or Bing, you will be notified so you can prepare for new customers.  

Simple Process

We make it simple for you.  Just let us know which keyword phrases people use the most to find you online, and we will put your company in front of all those customers.

What They Say?

We saw the results.  When our customers search for adoption services in Canada, our name shows in the auto-suggest, and customers are using this to find us.  The front page program works great.


Mr. Brown Canada Adoption

We opted to get as many keyword phrases as possible so we could own the search market.  We are extremely happy.  They deliver the results they promise.


Mr. Jesse Dallas Mortgages

Get started today and own the keyword phrases where customers find you the most.


Digital Marketing Total Front Pagedigital marketing

Digital marketing, aka online marketing and internet advertising, uses the web to deliver persuasive marketing messages to consumers. Digital marketing includes search engine optimization, search engine marketing, social media marketing, email marketing, display advertising, and mobile advertising. Like other advertising media, online advertising involves a publisher who incorporates advertisements into its online content, and an advertiser, who provides the advertisements to be displayed on the publisher’s content. Other potential participants include advertising agencies that help generate and place the ad copy, an ad server who technologically delivers the ad and tracks statistics, and advertising affiliates who do independent promotional work for the advertiser.  As an innovative company in digital marketing Total Front Page has developed a new technology, also called Front Page. Front Page is a unique technological process that allows a business to appear in the auto-complete boxes, and in every organic listing on the first page of Google and Bing.

Search engine marketing, or SEM, is designed to increase a website’s visibility in search engine results pages (SERPs). Search engines provide sponsored, or paid, results and organic (non-sponsored) results based on a web searcher’s query. Search engines may use graphical cues to differentiate sponsored results from organic results. Search engine marketing includes all of an advertiser’s actions to make a website’s listing more prominent for topical keywords.

Search engine optimization, or SEO, attempts to improve a website’s organic search rankings in SERPs by increasing the website content’s relevance to search terms. Search engines, like Google and Bing, frequently update their algorithms to penalize poor quality sites that try to use black or gray hat techniques to artificially improve their rankings, making optimization a moving target for advertisers. Google in particular is all about user experience and influence. SEO companies have multiplied in recent years.

Sponsored search, or Pay-Per-Click (PPC), allows advertisers to be included in the sponsored results of a search for selected keywords, usually at the top bottom of the organic listings Search ads are often sold via real-time auctions, where advertisers bid on keywords. In addition to setting a maximum price per keyword, bids may include time, language, geographical, and other constraints. Search engines originally sold listings in order of highest bids. Today’s search engines rank sponsored listings based on a combination of bid price, expected click-through rate, keyword relevancy and site quality.

Social media marketing is commercial promotion conducted through social media websites and apps. Many companies promote their products by posting frequent updates and providing special offers through their social media profiles on places such as Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr. With Google’s most recent algorithm update, their social media site, Google Plus has become ever more relevant to social media and SERP results.

Online innovation is king, and as an innovative company in digital marketing Total Front Page is a game changer. The technology is like no other in the world.

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