Stepparent Adoption Forms

It is true that every stepparent does not adopt their partner’s child. However, by doing so some wonderful benefits in the lives of all involved parties can be realized.

It is important to understand that if you are a stepparent of a child, but have not adopted that child, you are not considered a legal parent of that child, meaning that you have no legal rights related with being a parent of the child.  This includes decision-making relating to that child’s welfare.  In addition, the child’s other biological parent may have some rights to make important decisions for the child’s that you do not. If you are not an adoptive parent, you may not have the ability to do things such as visit the child in a hospital or accompany the child to certain places.

Possibly the most important reason of all, if your marriage to the child’s parent ends in divorce, they pass away they become incapacitated, without a stepparent adoption you may no longer have any right to be involved in the child’s life and full custody may go to the spouse or other family member. These outcomes can be avoided by starting your stepparent adoption soon.  For more information see Stepparent Adoption Forms.

During the process of a stepparent adoption, the parental rights of the other biological parent will need to be terminated. Once this completed, the other biological parent will no longer have rights to shared custody or visitation. That parent will not have the ability to legally interact or have any influence with the child. In effect, that biological parent becomes as a stranger on the street. This termination also ends any child support obligations.

Of course, there are plenty of situations when the noncustodial biological parent is significantly a part of the child’s life.  Unfortunately, many times they are an undesirable impact on a child due to behavioral issues, drugs and alcohols, disagreements with how the child should be raised. In all too many cases, the non-custodial parent is absent from the child’s life. Once the adoption is completed, you will then have the authority and right to accept or deny any interaction between the child the former parent.

Legal rights are an extremely important part of a stepparent adoption. Possibly just as important, legally adopting your stepchild is strong demonstration of your commitment. You are vowing to care for that child as your own, and that the child will have the security of having you as a supportive parent, no matter what may occur.  When you are ready to begin your stepparent adoption, contact Stepparent Adoption Forms for easy and friendly service.

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