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Oh No!  You just got an IRS audit order in the mail.  Audit is a scary word even if you’ve done everything right.  However, the chances of an Internal RevenueTax Preparation Phoenix Tax Planning LLC Service audit aren’t that high. In 2016, the IRS audited only 0.7% of all individual tax returns.

Being audited does not necessarily mean that the IRS thinks you’ve done anything wrong. An audit is just a formal review of a tax return. It is just to ensure that the information is being reported according to current tax law and to confirm that the information itself is accurate.

The IRS uses three main methods to select returns for audit.  The first is random selection. Some returns are chosen at random based on the results of a statistical formula.  It’s sort of like a reverse lottery. The IRS compares reports from payers, such as employer W2 forms, 1099 forms from banks and brokerages, and others, to the returns filed by taxpayers. When information doesn’t match, the taxpayer may be examined further.

Another method is related examinations. Some returns are chosen for an audit simply because they involve issues or transactions with other taxpayers whose returns have been selected for an audit.

There are a number of sound tax practices that may reduce the chances of an audit.  For expert tax preparation Phoenix Tax Planning LLC is the premier firm.

To help the chances of avoiding an audit, there are some actions that a taxpayer can take.  First, be sure to provide complete Information. One of the most common mistakes and omissions is commonly is missing Social Security numbers, including those for any dependent children and ex-spouses. Also, try to avoid math errors. If the IRS receives a return that has math errors, it will assess the error and sends a notice without following its normal deficiency procedures.

Be sure that the numbers on all forms match. The numbers on any W-2 and 1099 forms must match the returns to which they are tied. Failure to do so may cause an audit. The IRS records those returns it has audited. It may check to make sure past errors aren’t repeated, so do not repeat the same mistakes every year.

It is very important to keep complete records. This won’t necessarily diminish the chance of an audit, but it may make it much easier to comply with IRS requests for documentation, if one should occur.

Please understand that the information in this article is not intended as tax or legal advice. Please consult legal or tax professionals for specific information regarding your individual situation.

In general, the IRS audits returns within three years of their being filed. If substantial errors are identified, it can go back further. Even then, the IRS will usually not go back any further than six years.

To enhance the chances of avoiding an audit, rely on expert tax preparation Phoenix Tax Planning LLC

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Search Box Optimization – A Legitimate Option

Search Box Optimization (SBO) is a nasty term to many in business world.   Based on history of the term, it’s easy to see why.  SBO has been synonymous withsearch box optimization black hat manipulation of the auto-complete box results, by use of proxies, excessive typing of search terms, backlink farms and other black hat techniques.  These techniques worked – up to a point.  The main point is that Google is way too smart to allow that to happen.  Their algorithms and scanning methods do not suffer fools gladly.   Those companies, or individuals that use these methods of SBO were quickly out of business – some even prosecuted.  Stories about past SBO nightmares have left a bad taste in the mouths of marketers and business owners alike.  Whenever they hear that term SBO, they immediately discount its validity  or effectiveness.

Search engine optimization (SEO) has been around in some form since search engines came on the scene.  It‘s easy to understand the concepts, even if the results are most times less than robust.  SEO, and its monetized partner, Pay-per-click (PPC), have been the only frame of reference for digital marketing for all of that time.  SBO has been the black sheep and not spoken of in polite company, due to the small amount of legitimate information about SBO, and, of course, the history.

Fortunately for business owners, that has changed.  SBO can now be accomplished using white hat techniques.  A business can appear in the auto-complete, either alone or with a given keyword phrase.  There is a digital marketing company that has cracked that code, to use an overworked cliché.  How, you ask?  They reveal some of their methods, although others ae proprietary.  Once keyword phrases are selected with a client, focused SEO techniques re employed when creating content. The entire keyword phrase, including the business name or tag, is placed in all content created, from blogs and press releases, to videos and directory listings. A must for Google, relevant and authoritative backlinks are an essential ingredient.  Additional methods, as mentioned earlier, are proprietary and will not be revealed here.

So, how do we know that these proprietary methods are not black hat and will not incur the wrath of Google?   The answer is simple – Google itself.  As mentioned, Google’s algorithms and monitoring tools are extremely vigilant.  Any digital marketer that violates their strict rules will not be in business long. There are a number of sources on the web, should one care to search, that describe the results of trying to trick Google.

So, who is this digital marketer that has given SBO a new, legitimate life?  Total Front Page is currently the only firm in the world capable of applying white hat techniques to search box optimization and yielding incredible results. Find out more here.

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Online Advertising Total Front Page

Discovering new ways to reach consumers online can seem like an overwhelming and expensive task. Methods and avenues to advertise your business online online advertisingchange seemingly. You build what appears to be strong campaign, only to find out a year later that many rules of marketing online have changed.

Your challenge is to get yourself in front of targeted customers, and do it in an affordable manner. A continuing flow of customers is the life-blood of any business. You can write blogs and spend tens of thousands on pay-per-click ads. Updating your website with fresh content, and posting religiously on social media can also be part of the plan. You add specials to bring people in, and keep your social media accounts fresh and interactive.  It helps, but is it enough?  Tough question, to be sure.  We will show you how using online advertising Total Front Page will answer that question.

Strategic Advertising

Advertising online is strategic. To succeed in marketing your business online, you need highly focused goals. Know what will produce results, and optimize your marketing efforts on these goals. You also need to keep your eyes on the technical landscape to make sure you take advantage of new techniques. This is especially true regarding online advertising.

When marketing your business online, you must get your business in front of your customers when they are looking for your product or service. In today’s marketplace, most consumers find your business online. By foregoing online advertising, you should know that it could be difficult to build your business. Your competitors capitalize on capturing users as they search online.

Up until now, the typical way to market online has been social media, SEO efforts, pay-per-click, remarketing, and other similar marketing efforts.  Almost no one wanders past the first page of a search engine. So, unless you are on the first page of the search results, it is very likely that your business will not be seen. But even if your business is on the first page, there are still at least nine other companies right there with you.

Gaining an Advantage

In business it is a good idea to always be forward looking. Online advertising strategies evolve, and new ways to market are always coming available. Knowledge of these new ways to market, and taking advantage of these opportunities, can make the difference of just maintaining or enjoying a fast increase in new customers.

To get your business in front of every customer looking for your business, and be the only company they see, placing the business in the auto-complete for Google and Bing is powerful. This is known as “Search Box Optimization”. Every time a customer searches for your product or service, Google and Bing display suggestions in the auto-complete box. Approximately 71% of users take advantage of the suggestions. These are suggestions by Google and Bing to the user, based on the keyword phrase they typed into the search box.

For instance, if someone in Kansas City is looking for a pest control business, they may type “pest control in Kansas City” into the search box.  If your company immediately shows up as a suggestion by Google and Bing in the auto-complete box, every customer will see your name.  You immediately provide consumer confidence in your brand.  Customers who choose your business in the auto-complete will see an organic results page that eliminates your competition. Your business will have the only organic links on the page. The vast majority of users only click on organic links. Not only will your website will appear, but also your social media accounts, reviews, press-releases, videos, etc.

A New Kind of Online Advertising

Every so often, a great marketing tool comes becomes available. Taking advantage of that opportunity quickly is how you become successful. Total Front Page offers a marketing program that allows you to be suggested to every potential customer searching for your product or service.  If you want to take advantage of new technology that can give you a complete advantage over all of your competitors, Front Page is that technology.

The Front Page program allows only one company per keyword phrase. So if you are that pest control business in Kansas City, you may find that one of the keyword phrases used most often is “Kansas City pest control”. You would want to act fast to own this keyword phrase and others like it. Once a business owns this keyword phrase, it’s unavailable to everyone else.  Dominate online, and put your company in front of every person searching with those main keyword phrases.  Take advantage of online advertising Total Front Page and get your unfair share.


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Digital Marketing Total Front Pagedigital marketing

Digital marketing, aka online marketing and internet advertising, uses the web to deliver persuasive marketing messages to consumers. Digital marketing includes search engine optimization, search engine marketing, social media marketing, email marketing, display advertising, and mobile advertising. Like other advertising media, online advertising involves a publisher who incorporates advertisements into its online content, and an advertiser, who provides the advertisements to be displayed on the publisher’s content. Other potential participants include advertising agencies that help generate and place the ad copy, an ad server who technologically delivers the ad and tracks statistics, and advertising affiliates who do independent promotional work for the advertiser.  As an innovative company in digital marketing Total Front Page has developed a new technology, also called Front Page. Front Page is a unique technological process that allows a business to appear in the auto-complete boxes, and in every organic listing on the first page of Google and Bing.

Search engine marketing, or SEM, is designed to increase a website’s visibility in search engine results pages (SERPs). Search engines provide sponsored, or paid, results and organic (non-sponsored) results based on a web searcher’s query. Search engines may use graphical cues to differentiate sponsored results from organic results. Search engine marketing includes all of an advertiser’s actions to make a website’s listing more prominent for topical keywords.

Search engine optimization, or SEO, attempts to improve a website’s organic search rankings in SERPs by increasing the website content’s relevance to search terms. Search engines, like Google and Bing, frequently update their algorithms to penalize poor quality sites that try to use black or gray hat techniques to artificially improve their rankings, making optimization a moving target for advertisers. Google in particular is all about user experience and influence. SEO companies have multiplied in recent years.

Sponsored search, or Pay-Per-Click (PPC), allows advertisers to be included in the sponsored results of a search for selected keywords, usually at the top bottom of the organic listings Search ads are often sold via real-time auctions, where advertisers bid on keywords. In addition to setting a maximum price per keyword, bids may include time, language, geographical, and other constraints. Search engines originally sold listings in order of highest bids. Today’s search engines rank sponsored listings based on a combination of bid price, expected click-through rate, keyword relevancy and site quality.

Social media marketing is commercial promotion conducted through social media websites and apps. Many companies promote their products by posting frequent updates and providing special offers through their social media profiles on places such as Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr. With Google’s most recent algorithm update, their social media site, Google Plus has become ever more relevant to social media and SERP results.

Online innovation is king, and as an innovative company in digital marketing Total Front Page is a game changer. The technology is like no other in the world.

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How to market your business online.

The sure way to get yourself in front of every potential customer.

How to market your business onlineMarketing your company effectively in the major search engines is a critical part of business growth and sustainability. The problem is that the “real-estate” to market your company is small, meaning the first page of Google, Yahoo or Bing. If you aren’t effectively marketing your business on this piece of “real-estate”, you are missing out on a huge customer base.

Everyone knows that they need to be on the first page of the search engines, but everyone else is trying to get there also. And when you finally get your company on the first page, you realize you are there with about 20 other companies. It’s difficult to stand out.

So what is going on in the world of search results.

As you know, everything continues to change and evolve when it comes to marketing your business online. The first step is understanding the playing field. Google is now putting a lot of emphasis on your brand, and looks how customers search for your company name.

Effective online marketingGoogle ranks sites on what we can control, such as your website content, social media activity, etc., and also what we can’t control, such as online user activity. In Google’s newest algorithm they put a lot of ranking influence on user activity, meaning they are trying to do a better job of providing the results customers want.

An important note to that after the last panda/penguin update, you will see that it appears that google favors the large sites like amazon, sears, home depot, etc. Actually, the reason these major sites have moved up so aggressively in rankings is because of all the people doing searches with these company names included in the search, for instance, “pluming materials home depot”. Because of the new update, these types of searches allow for huge ranking advantages when people search for a product and a company name in the search before they hit enter. It’s not that google favors these big company websites, it’s because google thinks that we favor these websites, because users are doing so many searches that include a company name. Because we, the users, are telling the major search engines that we favor these large companies, the major search engines are starting to rank these sites higher in the results. It is basically a situation where we asked for it, so we get it. We keep putting company names in our searches, so search engines are ranking these companies higher in the results.

Effective online marketing.

In order to explode your online marketing, you first need to make sure that you have (1) a good website with good relevant content, (2) social media activity, (3) directory listings, (4) local marketing like Google Local or Maps and (5) some content on other sites that link back to your website, such as blogs where you answer questions from customers.

Once you have this, you have the foundation to build your online marketing. The problem is that many other companies are doing this also. How do you get yourself in front of the competition with your online marketing campaign.

Get in front of every customer searching for your product or service.

The way to be in front of every customer looking for your product or service is to be suggested by the major search engines. About 70% of all users engage with what is called the auto-complete.

Online Marketing ToolsWhenever a customer is typing in a search term looking for your product or service, you can be in front of every customer. You can put your brand name as a suggestion from Google and Bing. Every customer who types in the search box will have your name in front of them as a suggestion before they see any of your competition. You can get them to see your company and those that click on your name in the auto-suggestion drop-down will go to a page that has only your company listed on the entire page. You completely bypass your competition.

Take a look at some examples

As an example of search box optimization, open a browser window and go to Google. When you start typing a search phrase, you will notice that Google immediately starts suggesting search terms.

When your customer searches for your product or service, they do the same thing. Why not have Google and Bing suggest your company to all your potential customers.

Try it for yourself. Open Google and slowly type in the following search phrases and look at the suggestions. You will see a company being suggested to you.

Try “Dallas mortgage company”

Try “auto body repair Las Vegas”

Try “Mesa divorce attorney”

You will see that the search engines are suggesting companies with these searches. If you want to get an immediate advantage over all of your competition, be suggested by Google and Bing. Online Marketing by Total Marketing250 can help you achieve your goal of dominating your marketplace with search box optimization.

Get your company branded just like the large fortune 500 companies. You will immediately be in front of every customer using the search terms that bring you new business.

Whether you are a well-established business, or a new start-up, Total Marketing250 can help you dominate with effective online marketing.

The major keyword phrases that customers use to find you are going fast. Companies are using this to get amazing results. But once a keyword phrase is taken by a company, it is gone, so make sure you contact Total Marketing250 and get started today.

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The key to marketing your online business website is to get in front of customers. There are many ways to do this. You can immediately get in front of customers looking for your product or service by utilizing pay-per-click campaigns. With pay-per-click, you pay to put yourself on the front page of the search results. Every time someone clicks on your ad, you pay an amount close to the bid price you selected for your ad.

Most people click results in the organic section of the page, so being on the first page of the natural listings for the popular search terms can be a great way to bring you traffic. The problem is that even though you are on the first page, you are still on a page with about 20 other companies – all trying to get the attention of the customer.

Now you can get your name in front of every customer searching for your product or service by being in the search box. This is called Search Box Optimization. Every time someone searches your most popular keyword phrase, your name will appear as a suggestion by Google and Bing.

To find out more, take a look at the video below.